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2.Fire and Fighting
3.New Zealand
4.Mok Punch, Flei Flince, Bite, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel, Close Combat and Fire Fang
5.2 arms, strong musles, flaming tail, fire for hair, knee pads, horns, spiky feet.

1. ThunderTornado
2. Electric Thunder
3. Forest
4. Fire and water
5. Big, Tail drill, Flaming wings, spiky head, Spiky head, black color
6. It is evolve in quick

1. Aiepo (EYE-po).
2. Grass and rock.
3. Small towns at night time (caves and mountains).
4. leer,pound,leech seed,defense curl,rock throw,vine whip,growth,roll out,mega drain,rock polish,rock slide,giga drain.
5. Oval shaped rock with moss growing on it, Aiepo has two tiny bushes on the side of it with spiky vines coming out of them, they also float.
6. Aiepo > Aiebon

1.Aiebon (EYE-bin).
2. Grass and Rock
3. Small towns and cities in parks, mountains, forest, caves, and rocky areas.
4. Growth, Roll out, Stone edge, Double-edge, Glare, Magical leaf, Worry seed, Detect, Energy ball, Smack down, Bulk up, Gyro ball, Earthquake, Solarbeam.
5. Oval shaped rock with mossy spiky rocks, gloomy eyes, tiny trees on the side of them with sharp vines that have fruit to lure prey, with four tiny mossy stones that look like Aiepo and resembles nosepasses mini noses, 5 ft and 322lbs.
6. Evolves from Aiepo by leveling up while holding a oval stone.

1. Killer
2. Dark, Electric,and Psycic
3. Forest
4. Darkpulse, Thunder, Psycic, Thunderbolt, Confusion, Shockwave
5. Lightning bolt shaped ears, black tail with spikes, sharp teeth, blue color, medium sized

1. Watettin
2. Water/normal
3. In or around lakes and rivers, at night
4. Aqua jet, bubble beam, aqua tail, water pulse, water gun, dive, attract, assist, after you, charm, mean look, moonlight
5. White cat with two tails, blue eyes, and a few black stripes. Shiny is blue with white stripes and orange eyes.
6. Watecat >> Watatish
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1. Restapod
2. Grass/Flying
3. Touruma Region as one of the starters pokemon.
4. Vine Whip, Leaf Storm, Gust, Scratch, Leaf Tornado and Leer
5. Tiny Bird Pokemon made of leafs with red eyes and brown legs.
6.Restapod > Triopod > Elctapod
2.Flying, Fire
3.East Europe,Canada,Russia
4.WhirlWind,(some attacks that do not exist), Wind Sword, Fire Crown, Wing Stream.
5.Big WHITE Human With crown on fire. It would have wings and strong steel shields on legs.
6. It does not evolve,but it is evolved from Flydon on level 42. Flydon is evolved from Flyden at level 8.

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